Sound Design & Mixing for Web, Radio, and HD Broadcast.


Sound Effects – Over 450,000 high quality audio files from the top libraries, plus thousands more we’ve created ourselves.

Sound Design – We will combining organic elements and state of the art audio synthesizers to create something new just for your project.

Interface Elements – If your phone app or Flash animation project need bloops, bleeps and clicks as the user navigates, we can create them!


Broadcast MIxes – Make sure your TV content complies with the federal CALM Act with a -24db LKFS mix in both stereo and surround. Plus radio mixes that punch through the clutter.


Dialogue Editing – In our opinion, it’s the most important job in a film’s audio workflow.


Cinema Mixes – High dynamic 5.1 surround mixes for your film.


… and, of course, much more!