Sound Design & Mixing for Web, Radio, and HD Broadcast.

Sound Design for Coat of Arms 2017 Reel

JennAudio appreciates being called upon to create sound design for the Coat of Arms Post 2017 Reel. The production company has produced many videos this past year and the challenge on this project was using an aggressively designed audio track to tie all these projects together into a reel to showcase the excellent work at Coat of Arms Post.

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JennAudio Video Production for Stryker

When Stryker Corporation needed a video for a VIP event, they tapped Jenna to produce. That meant she got to work her favorite graphic designer –  twin sister, Erin.

Fortunately, Erin and Jenna speak in one of those secret Twin Languages which allowed them to quickly turn around this project on a tight timeline! Of course, the video was a hit and hopefully will see many more projects from these two!

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Google Launches Cloud Service. JennAudio Does the Sound Design!

When Google launched its new billion dollar cloud processing service, they wanted to announce it with a splash! Coat of Arms produced a 2 minute animated video and when they needed excellent sound design, they called upon JennAudio.

Jenna and Michael had a lot of fun packing this project with tons of fun effects to help tell the story!

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Columbia College Production Uses Only Students and Alumni.

When the liberal arts school, Columbia College, wanted to produce some radio and TV commercials, they decided to draw on the strengths of the student population and alumni.

The music was from the Music Composition department. It was directed, shot and edited in the film department, and the final mixes were done by our own Michael Coyle (Class of ’84).

Here’s more info on everyone who was involved in an article by the Columbia College newspaper. It was a great project enjoyed by everyone who participated.

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We Waste Too Much Food.

Did you know Americans throw away more food than plastic, paper, metal or glass?

That’s one of the many surprising items we learned working on this excellent video produced by Coat of Arms for Chick-fin-a. The fast-food company has issued a challenge to its stores to reduce food waste by 50%.

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Centrum Gummy Bears: For the Kid in all of You.

The Chicago agency of Leo Burnett Co. stopped buy the studio to produce a series of spots for Centrum. Featured here is the commercial for their new Gummy Bear vitamins. Agency producer was Sean Pinney.  Watch the spot after the jump!





The Windex Crows are at it again!

Windex_A_New_Way_30TVA Windex spot for their new Touch Up cleaner was produced by Addie Pampalone from Ogilvy & Mather. Returning are those two crazy crows (voiced by Wayne Powers and Jeff Pillars).

The creative duo of Jimmy Pardi (copywriter), and Ryan Stephens (art director) have our crows shaking their feathered tushes  to a dance track!

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Somebody, get her a pony!!!

TravelocityDeepEnd30TVOur little plaster friend is at it again!  The Travelocity Gnome is back on the air with his new agency, the Leo Burnett Company!  Producer Veronica Puc brought the series of spots to Michael and Jenna for sound design and surround mix. It was a great time recording the Gnome. (He’s real, ya know!)

The first spot to run, “Deep End”, was created by Britt Nolan (CW) and Mikal Pittman (AD). It will be followed by “Nooo!” from the creative team of Alan Shen and Chris Walker.

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RAID! Let’s blow up some bugs!

RAID_Two_Faced_30TVHaving recently won the RAID account, EnergyBBDO producer Adina Birnbaum brought a spot by CRC55 for sound design and 5.1 mix. (Do we need to say 5.1 mix anymore? They’re ALL surround mixes!)

Longtime copywriting buddy Rick Hamann and his AD partner, Kyle Everett, stopped by to mix the commercial titled, “Two-Faced”.

There’s really nothing more fun than putting explosions in a commercial, so if you want to hear the final mix, click the preview image!  Watch the spot after the jump!

DNA Testing for Frosted Mini Wheats!

Mini_Wheats_Related_30TVFor the most recent Frosted Mini Wheats commercial, actors JD Cullum (Mini), Jeremy Schwartz (Crunchy) and Sayjal Joshi (Ms. Mini) recorded dialog for “Related”.

Produced for Leo Burnett by Jason Passaniti, the creative team of Dan Lewis (CW) and Niki Condon (AD) were the brains behind this cute spot shows what happens when a long lost relative arrives at the front door!

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